Spotlight.. What Is It?


Spotlight Presents showcase was created to allow establishing writers; primarily poets, but also including songwriters, spoken word artists, rappers and more to express themselves by delivering their written piece to an audience. Furthermore it serves its purpose as a networking event, as it allows each artist to share thoughts and ideas as well as feedback on each other’s pieces.
The Spotlight competition is, in fact the main feature of the event, whereby prior to the event date, each artist would have prepared three pieces, hoping to get to the final round in order to get a chance to express themselves and inspire and impress both the audience and the friendly but sharp judging panel.


In order to motivate and expose creative artists, there are also various beneficial incentives to be won, which has included cash, alongside three incentives of exposure such as, the artist being invited to a live interview, for their profile to be published in the new Amore Magazine, also, DropOutUK Online Mag, FREE studio time at DL Records, and a live slot on Radio King Online. This is to keep the artists motivated to continue to put hard work and effort into their creative pieces as it doesn’t go unrecognised.

Selection process...?

Spotlight operates slightly differently in comparison to your typical talent showcase. We take a broad range of artists on board, varying in terms of levels, experience and previous exposure, however little or great it may be. So all that is required is a simple email consisting of the contestant’s name, followed by what kind of creative artist they are e.g. William/Poet. There are no auditions or no specific requirements attached, as our moto is: ‘if you believe in yourself, we believe in you!’ Rather than the audience sit back and watch a stage full of professionals, they embrace themselves for talented individuals that are passionate about what they do and are still learning.

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